Milestone beads


The 'Beads of Courage' scheme, funded by Heartlands Hospital Charity, will see new born babies receive a bead for each milestone that they pass whilst on the unit.

The first bead that the babies receive will be a 'happy birthday' bead, marking the day that they are born, a parent bead in the form of a heart, and their initials.

As they spend more time on the unit, babies will be given beads such as sunflowers for when they receive phototherapy (light therapy), one to mark 100 days on the unit, coming off oxygen for the first time, or having their first feed.

Lots of babies have already received their beads thanks to Heartlands Hospital Charity and we want to make sure that all babies on the unit have the chance to collect their beads.

Sian Averill, Fundraising Manager at Heartlands Hospital Charity, said: "This scheme is part of the Family Integrated Care Programme that the Charity is funding. This programme is aiming to get parents and siblings more involved in the baby's care.

“It gives them something to keep when they leave the unit so they can remember all of the important milestones they hit whilst there."

You can help us make sure all babies get their milestone beads by clicking the donate button above.

Pictured: baby Neveah with her first beads

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