CyberKnife and TomoTherapy

The Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham is one of the leading hospitals in the UK, acting as a centre of excellence for military patients, organ transplants and neurosurgery amongst many others. UHB Charity launched a £6.5 million appeal to make the cancer treatment centre at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham not only one of the best in the UK, but amongst the best in the world, and you helped us reach our goal.

The TomoTherapy HD treatment system is a combined radiotherapy treatment machine and CT imaging system.  It enables daily imaging prior to treatment to ensure that the patient is positioned accurately before delivering intensity modulated radiotherapy (IMRT).  This technique permits better shaping of the radiation dose around the tumour and helps to reduce the dose to healthy tissues or critical structures. The TomoTherapy HD treatment system can be used to treat many different tumour sites.

QEHB is one of the largest children's radiotherapy treatment centres in the country and your donations have provided life saving equipment that is not funded by the NHS. This equipment has saved the lives of children, such as Ben Williams, and with your help and donations the Charity will continue to provide cutting-edge equipment that is over and above what the NHS provide. 

The CyberKnife machine is a robotic system which uses high doses of radiation to sub-millimetre accuracy as it has the ability to track the tumours position throughout the treatment.  The CyberKnife machine is able to treat small well defined tumours located in traditionally difficult-to-reach parts of the body which if damaged would have devastating effects. It is commonly used to treat selected brain tumours and increasingly used to treat other tumours around the body.

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