Incubator appeal

With the support of generous fundraisers and donors, UHB Charity has successfully completed the £150,000 appeal to fund seven brand new state-of-the-art incubators for the Neonatal Units at Heartlands and Good Hope Hospital. These incubators will help to ensure the Neonatal Units can provide the very best care for the smallest patients at the hospital. 

Each year, 11,000 babies are born at Heartlands Hospital and Good Hope Hospital, and over 800 of these babies will require the support of the Neonatal Unit. The unit provides care for newborn babies and offers a welcoming and friendly environment for parents and families in their time of need.

Some babies are born up to four months early, and can weigh as little as one pound. These tiny babies require intensive care and support and are cared for around the clock.

The new incubators include all of the equipment that the staff need to treat tiny babies, removing the stress of moving them from bed to bed in such a critical environment. The incubators will also allow much easier access to the baby for the nurses and mothers, without causing any heat loss. They will also be able to cool the baby, as some premature babies need specialist therapeutic hypothermia to reduce the likelihood of brain injury. Currently, babies who need this treatment have to be transferred to another hospital.

UHB Charity is proud to support the incredible work of the staff on the unit by providing the very best equipment possible, helping them to care for the vulnerable newborns on the unit. We are now fundraising for a Family Integrated Care Service that will help to provide vital support to families on the Neonatal Units.

To donate to the Family Integrated Care Appeal, please click here.


Watch Laura Hammond, Senior Ward Sister, explain how the new incubators will help the tiny babies who need them. 

Bhavna Gokani, Head Nurse in the Paediatrics Department at Heartlands Hospital, said: "The new incubators will make a huge difference to the babies that we treat, their families, and the staff on the unit. This new equipment will make the Neonatal Unit a world-class facility, right here at Heartlands Hospital. 

"The Trust provides over 20,000 day of neonatal care every year. This shows the huge number of lives that would be changed by this new equipment. Heartlands Hospital receives premature babies from across the region, from hospitals that do not have the facilities that we do. 

"With your help, we have been able to provide the very best care for the tiny, vulnerable babies on the unit. These incubators will protect them from the outside world until they grow to a size that will allow them to survive and thrive."

You can help more tiny babies receive the best treatment at Heartlands and Good Hope Hospital by donating, fundraising or taking part in one of our events. 

If you would like to find out more information, please contact and let her know if you do sign up to any events or create your own so we can get your free fundraising pack out to you! 

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