Kerry's Story


In late 2013, Kerry was in the Falkland Islands going about her normal life, while her veteran husband Nobby was undergoing an operation to remove scar tissue left over from an earlier procedure at another hospital.

During this second operation Nobby suffered a carotid artery blow out, an unexpected complication causing brain damage. Meanwhile, at home, Kerry was unaware until the phone rang. “I had a call telling me to come to the UK,” Kerry said, “as they didn’t think that Nobby was going to survive.”

As Kerry was hurrying to throw clothes into her small suitcase, Nobby was being rushed to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, where medical staff fought to save his life. By the time Kerry had completed her journey to Birmingham- more than 8,000 miles from home- Nobby was in an induced coma, having had yet another operation to remove part of his skull and help the swelling on his brain to decrease.

In the end, Nobby’s induced coma was sustained for the following six weeks.

Kerry said: “I had nowhere close by to stay. Friends that I had were over three hours’ drive away and I needed to be near Nobby, to stay with him throughout the day. Staying at Fisher House was a godsend, and it proved to be even more so as time went on.

“The support you get from the team at Fisher House is phenomenal – they are there to listen to you, through the good times and the bad. They understand and empathise with the situation that you are in and the other families staying there all come together. It’s like having an extended family.”

Nobby was brought out of his coma and his recovery continued. Fisher House ended up becoming Kerry’s home for more than 18 months while her husband underwent intensive rehabilitation close by at the hospital. Staying so near to each other meant that the couple could still be together throughout Nobby’s treatment, each knowing the other was being well looked after.

Kerry and Nobby now live on the Isle of Wight. “We will return to Fisher House for many years to come, as Nobby will need further treatment and operations. I know that having Fisher House makes such a difference to us both.”

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