In 2018, UHB Charity launched an ambitious new project to create a 'Man Van'. This van would be a mobile health unit, and would move around the West Midlands, empowering men to talk about their health.

The concept of the Man Van came about thanks to Johnny Hoo and Professor Nick James who wanted to work together to raise awareness of prostate cancer.

Now, the Man Van has become a reality. The van, pictured here, has been designed to be a space for men to come and chat about their health, in a private but relaxed environment. Men will be able to fill in questionnaires about their health, allowing the clinicians to identify areas of risk within their lifestyle or their family history.

Sadly, in 25% of cases, men seek medical help when their cancer is at an advanced stage and is too late to cure. The Man Van is aiming to pick up cases of prostate cancer at an earlier stage.

Professor Nick James said: "One very obvious way that you can improve outcomes is by making the diagnosis earlier. That's where the idea for the Man Van came about. The van is designed as a place where men feel comfortable to discuss their health."

Men who are at risk of having prostate cancer will be able to have a finger-prick blood test whilst on the van, with results coming back before they leave. If their results are abnormal, they can be referred for further testing straight away.

The Man Van is a project between University Hospitals Birmingham Charity, University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Trust, and the University of Birmingham. You can help to support this project, helping to fund it into the future, by donating above.

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