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QEHB boasts a team of specialists to treat all kinds of skin cancer. This team includes skin specialists (dermatologists), plastic surgeons and oncologists who use radiotherapy and drugs. Doctors depend on x-ray specialists (radiologists) and pathologists who interpret the information needed to treat people. The clinical nurse specialists are critical in helping patients through the pathway.

Clair McGarr is a Skin Cancer Clinical Nurse Specialist.  Her role is to support patients with skin cancer through each step as they use the skin cancer service.  Her interests are in measuring how treatments change patients’ quality of life and in educating nurses in all aspects of managing skin cancer.

Lisha McClelland is an Ear Nose and Throat surgeon. Her role is to help patients with skin cancer affecting these areas. She has a special interest in treating Malignant Melanoma that affects the nose and sinuses. Lisha is keen to see us develop research and trials into melanoma that starts in the nose and sinuses – there is so much we need to understand to improve treatments.

Neil Steven is a Consultant in Medical Oncology.  He offers treatments and clinical trials for patients with advanced skin cancer.  His research is based in the University of Birmingham Cancer Immunology and Immunotherapy Centre and is focused on exploiting the immune system to increase the chance of long term remission from melanoma.

Alok Tiwari is a Consultant in Vascular Surgery. He is mainly involved in iliac dissection of lymph nodes in collaboration with his plastic surgical colleagues for malignant melanoma.

Vik Vijh is a Consultant Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon. He specialises in cancer surgery, especially the difficult work sent to the department by other surgeons. He has an interest in reconstruction, to help enable patients to regain confidence following illness and treatment.

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