Clarissa donates 534 Easter Eggs to bring a smile to staff’s faces

Eight-year-old Clarissa Greenfield is one of our youngest fundraisers who has been donating to the hospital charity for four years, and now she has donated some Easter treats for staff to bring a smile to their faces this Easter time – 534 Easter Eggs in total to be exact!

Clarissa’s fundraising journey began back in 2018, when she was just four years old. Her Granny, Denise, was admitted to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital after becoming ill with two brain aneurysms. Clarissa noticed her mood had lowered, and wanted to do something to cheer her Granny up. Her mum, Felicity, shared Clarissa’s idea of writing letters to make her feel better on Facebook which attracted hundreds of letters from all over the world, with some even coming from Australia!

Ever since, Clarissa has been fundraising for the Charity in a variety of wonderful ways. She has created her very own merchandise, held craft stalls and has been donating Easter Eggs to bring staff a nice treat. This year she donated a whopping 534 eggs, which is guaranteed to bring a smile to the staff who will be working as hard as always this Easter weekend.

Charlotte Booth, Communications Officer at UHB Charity, helped Clarissa unload the whopping amount of donated Easter Eggs and said: “Clarissa is such an incredible fundraiser and it was a pleasure to hear her talk so passionately about helping others. How she has accumulated this many Easter Eggs is incredible and I am in complete awe of her dedication. We are extremely thankful, as I am sure those receiving the Eggs at the hospital will be.”

You too can help support our staff across our hospitals, by donating here.

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