Homes away from Home - a family's story

The Charity’s Homes from Home offers free accommodation to families, when their loved ones are receiving the vital treatment they need in the hospital nearby.

Amongst the families who have stayed at the Charity’s Homes were Dennis, his mum Amanda, and his dad Guy, during Dennis’ radiotherapy treatment. Amanda told us how grateful she was for the stay in the Homes, as well as expressing her appreciation for Liam Herbert, a Specialist Paediatric and Young Adult Therapeutic Radiographer who works at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham, for being “wonderful” throughout her son’s treatment.

The family’s full experience can be found here.

However, recently Amanda kindly showed her appreciation for the stay in the Charity’s Home from Home and reflected on their stay:

“My son, Dennis, aged 12 then, got diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma in June 2020. He had chemotherapy to start with, and then he was having radiotherapy at Birmingham.

“We stayed in a beautiful flat from Homes from Home for three three weeks whilst he had the radiotherapy so we didn’t have to travel every day. I don’t think we could have attended every day without the flat. Dennis was really exhausted every day from the treatment. We’re nearly two hours away from Birmingham, so I don’t think he would have coped with travelling on top of the treatment, if I’m honest.

“Staying at the flat was a godsend. And it also meant we could stay as a family unit. Through the chemotherapy stage there was just myself and Dennis in a room because of COVID. With the flat from Homes from Home it meant my husband could be there and give me support through the process.

“Dennis loved the flat. He had his own room which had a tele and he took his own computer with him. The flat gave him the time to process what was going on in his own space, which was fantastic.

“It also snowed whilst we were there, and Dennis loved that there was a garden that he could make a snowman in. The whole thing with the flat was a godsend, and I can’t thank you all enough.

“Please do donate. I would do anything for Homes from Home. It is so important that this service carries on, for children and for adults. If they weren’t there, I don’t think my son would be here. It’s so important. If people can donate, please donate.”

The Charity was pleased to support the family during such a difficult time in their lives. You can read more about and donate to the Charity’s Homes from Home appeal here.

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