Fundraiser Pauline Richold hosts a glamorous charity event after having life-saving surgery!


Back in 2018, Pauline Richold’s life drastically changed after receiving both a liver and kidney transplant at Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham.

After her surgeries, Pauline said, “I decided to hold a charity event in aid of the QEHB liver and kidney transplant units as a thank you for the brilliant job they did for me prior to, during and after my transplants”.

Pauline had polycystic liver and kidney disease meaning that the organs were enlarged and bulky due to cysts. Pauline’s liver weighed in at an astonishing 20 kg when it was removed, prior to her transplant, Pauline was tube fed as her stomach was extremely cramped due to the cysts that had grown.

After her liver surgery, Pauline was strong enough to undergo her kidney transplant that was kindly donated by her sister Jacki Moore. Reflecting on her time at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham, Pauline said “The team were fantastic. The people I would especially like to mention are consultants Mr Thamara Perera, Graham Lipkin, Clare Pattenden, Mr Sharif and the kidney transplant coordinator Cheryl, Sue Moore and their team”

Pictured above: Jacki Moore (left), Pauline Richold (right)

On Saturday 8 December Pauline decided to host a charity party that would also coincide with her birthday, she said: “It was the first year for a long time I felt up to having a proper celebration as well as being able to find a dress to fit me!”.

Her fundraising event that night raised an astonishing £4,000. Funds were raised by; charging £30 per ticket that was hosted at Nadee restaurant with a three-course meal and a live band called Money Talks, holding auctions that included a holiday to Austria, as well as raffles and lucky dips.

The event was a roaring success thanks to all the hard work that was put in by Pauline and her sisters Jacki, Sue, and Cathie as well as her friend Rachel. After the event a very kind friend named Sue Basra made a very generous donation of £500, making the grand total of the fundraising event £4,500!

Rachel Learmonth, Senior Fundraising Officer at QEHB Charity said: “A huge thank you goes to Pauline and all her friends and family who helped to fundraise such a substantial amount for QEHB’s liver and kidney transplant units at the hospital. This donation will provide ‘added extras’ that go ‘over and above’ what the NHS can afford. Thank you”

To find out more about the hospital charity or if you would like to donate to the liver and kidney transplant unit, please click here

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