Good Hope Children’s Outpatients Department grand opening


Last year we brought you the news of the Children’s appeal launching at Good Hope Hospital. This year, thanks to your generous donations, we have been able to complete the full refurbishment of the department at the hospital!

The department is now home to plenty of toys for children of all ages, bright and colourful waiting areas and treatment rooms and is an all-round more child-friendly area. Toys including a game station, colouring pads, books, iPads, sensory toys and an interactive floor projector are all part of the department now to help entertain children there.

Each year, 30,000 children are treated at Good Hope Hospital for a range of conditions, including life-threatening and life-limiting ones. Children who are treated at the Outpatients Department may visit regularly, but it also may be some children’s first visit to the hospital. Visiting the hospital can be a daunting experience for children which can make appointments stressful for parents and staff as well.

The Children’s appeal renovated the children’s areas within the hospital to make them more child-friendly, calm, colourful and relaxing to be in. Although being in hospital may never be relaxing or enjoyable, it is sometimes hard for a child to understand why they are there, so filling the areas with toys, activities and games will make them feel a little bit more relaxed and less stressed about their visit.

Picture: the new waiting room in the Children's Outpatients Department

The new areas don’t just benefit the patients. Parents now don’t need to worry so much about distracting their child whilst waiting for an appointment and know that they will be in a comfortable environment whilst at the hospital. The new refurbishment also means that staff have a better place to work in and can use some of the toys and sensory equipment during appointments to encourage children to open up and feel safe.

Talking about the completed refurbishment of the department, Sarah who is Charlie and Oliver’s mom, said: “Charlie is seven and has cerebral palsy so is a quadriplegic, and Oliver is two and has muscular dystrophy, so trips to the hospital used to be very tricky for me. Oliver gets bored quickly and Charlie couldn’t use the play area because of his wheelchair but now the department is more inviting and all of the different types of toys help them both to be occupied whilst waiting for appointments.”

Picture: one of the new treatment rooms in the department

As well as the Outpatients Department, we have also completed a refurbishment in the Radiology Department where a colourful play area now sits full of toys for children of all ages.

Laura Power, Fundraising Manager at Good Hope Hospital Charity, said: “Thanks to everyone who has donated to the Children’s appeal, we have been able to complete the refurbishment and make the department a much nicer, brighter and child-friendly place. 

“The children, who visit the hospital, whether it is for regular visits or a one-off, will benefit from the changes to the departments throughout the hospital. Having more colourful and child-friendly areas means that children will feel more comfortable in the hospital and will be less anxious about their visits, therefore making it less stressful for parents and staff too.

"A huge thank you goes to the Sutton Coldfield Charitable Trust, Royal Sutton Coldfield Town Council, Friends of Good Hope Hospital, the late Sir Doug Ellis and the Boparan Charitable Trust for their incredible donations towards this appeal."

None of this would have been possible without your support. There are still lots of other things going on in the hospital that you can help out with! You could join one of the fantastic events coming up this year or set up your own fundraising event at work or in the community. Find out more here

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