A heartfelt donation to the Neonatal Unit at Heartlands Hospital

Mr and Mrs Khan incredibly secured a £5,000 donation for the Neonatal Unit at Heartlands, to give back for the incredible treatment their daughter received whilst in their care.

Mr and Mrs Khan wanted to give back to the Neonatal Unit for treating their daughter, who was born prematurely at the Hospital and was cared for on this phenomenal Unit. Their daughter is now 18 months old, and she is even starting to walk!

They nominated the Neonatal Unit to Sky and next thing they knew, they received a £5,000 cheque in the post to go to this fantastic Unit.

The Neonatal Unit at Heartlands is responsible for treating some of the tiniest patients across the Trust. Each year Heartlands Hospital, as well as Good Hope Hospital cares for thousands of babies, some of whom are born up to four months early and weigh as little one pound. The Neonatal Unit provides 24 hour care using dedicated breathing machines, incubators and state of the art monitoring machines. These donations make such a big difference to the families and patients being treated there. 

These donations mean the world to University Hospitals Birmingham Charity, and we will be forever grateful to our wonderful supporters for their donations, which can make such a huge difference to other patients and their families receiving treatment across this Trust.

If you would like to support the Newborns in Need fund please click here.

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