Remembering Phill Alcock


Last year, as QEHB Charity was raising funds for Heart in a Box, we brought you the story of Phill Alcock who was supporting the campaign to bring the revolutionary piece of equipment to the hospital.

Phill got behind the campaign to bring Heart in a Box to the hospital as he had himself survived four heart attacks, and was fitted with an LVAD machine at QEHB which kept his heart beating.

Phill had been severely unwell in September 2018, with doctors doing everything that they could to keep him alive following a serious infection. Phill was put into an induced coma as he was not eating or sleeping due to his fever.
Eventually, Phill was well enough to come out of his coma, and was able to return home for Christmas. His fiancée, Sarah, said: “This made him the happiest man alive, he was able to spend Christmas with his family, even if he was only able to eat a small plate of dinner.”

Phill was placed on the urgent heart transplant list after doctors found out that he had an infection near his LVAD site, and he had minor surgery to remove this. A heart was found for Phill, and on 25 January 2019 he was taken into surgery to receive his new heart.

Tragically, Phill passed away on 26 January with Sarah, his daughter Olivia, and his mother Carole by his side.
Sarah said: “In Phill’s honour I want to carry on raising money for QEHB Charity. Phill had wanted to run the Birmingham half marathon for the Charity in 2019, and he wanted to eventually take part in the Transplant Games.”

Justine Davy, Head of Fundraising for QEHB Charity, said: “My thoughts are with Sarah, Olivia and all of Phill’s family and friends at this time. I had the pleasure of meeting Phill on a number of occasions, including at the celebration event that marked Heart in a Box arriving at QEHB, and was touched by his warmth and his passion for raising awareness.”

Sarah’s fundraising page for QEHB Charity can be found here, and the family’s crowdfunding page can be found here.

Phill pictured with his fiancée Sarah

Phill and Sarah pictured with members of the heart team at the Heart in a Box celebration.

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