Scuba group takes to fundraising on land

You may remember several stories regarding Ray Kirton and his scuba team, as their annual swimming events continue to raise funds for Fisher House. 

For their next fundraising event, the group decided to stay on land and hold a fundraising evening at the Royal Pug Pub, Leamington Spa. The evening was constituted of a talk from Forever Living, and a raffle of 32 prizes!

Ray and his scuba team organise and partake in an annual swimming event to raise funds for Fisher House. This year they swam over 1782 lengths (27 miles) and hope to have raised £2,000. The group also traded water for land, at a fundraising evening at the Royal Pug pub in Leamington Spa which included a Forever Living presentation and a raffle with 32 prizes!

Ray is already planning the swimming event for 2016.

Sian Averill, Fundraising Officer at QEHB Charity, said: “The dedication of Ray and his scuba team, in regard to fundraising, is incredibly moving. On behalf of the charity, I want to congratulate and thank the group for all of their efforts.”

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