UHB Charity Funds A New MRI Scanner For Heartlands Treatment Centre

UHB Charity is proud to provide a supportive grant to the Heartlands Treatment Centre enhancing the experience for patients and their families. This Centre is being developed to improve outpatients services and will be a stand alone facility providing specialist staff and equipment.

University Hospital Birmingham Foundation Trust has secured government funding to develop the new facility on Birmingham Heartlands Hospital site and UHB Charity will enhance the facilities through providing the funding for a second MRI Scanner and additional benefits to the MRI Suite.

An MRI Scan can be an isolating and frightening experience but  UHB Charity hope by decorating the surroundings with bright and calming images and employing a voice activated scanner with 99 language options and a wider bore, a patient will feel more relaxed throughout the whole process.

The charity is also funding a recovery room for children which is incredibly important as they have to be given a general anaesthetic before undergoing an MRI scan as they wiggle about too much without it! A specific recovery room for the children will be hugely comforting and having that within the MRI suite means that the least amount of anaesthetic has to be given.

The purchase of this scanner within a calm and relaxing environment will ultimately have a positive impact on patient care. It gives patients the ability to be seen faster in terms of hospital appointment waiting list time and physically when being scanned. This means that a patient is seen and diagnosed far quicker than would normally happen, meaning faster treatment and potentially less invasive treatments in future giving the patient a better outcome.

The MRI Scanner purchase has been aided by The Eveson Trust. Claire Bowry, Chief Executive said, "The Heartlands Treatment Centre will be a wonderful addition to healthcare facilities in the area and The Eveson Trust is delighted to have been able to support the appeal."

To find out how you can help fund vital equipment such as this - click HERE

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