Organise your own event

Our team is always more than happy to give support and advice should you decide to organise your own fundraising event.

Below is some advice to help you; following these basic steps will help your organisation process!

Guidelines for your own event

1. Seek help:

Try to get as many people involved as possible: family, friends, neighbours and colleagues. No matter how large or small-scale your event is, it will be a challenge to organise; therefore, assistance from others will be crucial.

Bringing people together will be rewarding and, most importantly, fun! However, you must remember to ensure that everyone knows what their position of responsibility it, and that they each make an appropriate effort.

2. Focus on a specific target audience:

You must consider to which demographic you will pitch your event. Once you have done this, you can then consider what would appeal to that group. How to advertise will follow accordingly from this.

3. Times and dates:

This will also be easier to decide upon once you have chosen a certain demographic. You will have to work out which date and time will ensure the greatest attendance, and consider their potential daily routines. For example, an evening event would, most likely, be unsuitable for young families.

4. Keep costs to a minimum:

As you will have to take costs of the event from the money you raise, try to keep the costs of organising and running the event to a minimum. Perhaps ask local businesses and schools to sponsor or contribute elements to your event.

5. Legal considerations:

Remember to keep within the law by asking permission to use public places. Creating a risk assessment would be beneficial, so that you can ascertain potential dangers within the event. You must also remember that people under the age of sixteen cannot collect money on their own, and that street and ‘house to house’ collections are not permitted unless you have the consent of your local council.

6. Enjoy:

Fundraising should make you feel good; enjoy this exciting time!

For more tips, advice, information and materials, download the Fundraising Toolkit:

Fundraising Toolkit Download
Fundraising Hints and Tips Download
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