Our approach to pay

As a leading NHS Charity, we aim to attract staff from the not-for-profit sector, as well as the public and private sectors, and to pay our people accordingly.

UHB Charity’s remuneration process is as follows:

• The Trustees are responsible for setting the salary of the Charity Chief Executive.
• The Charity Chief Executive, within Trustee approved budgets, sets all other salaries.
• Pay is reviewed regularly and at least annually.

In setting salaries, the Trustees and the Charity Chief Executive take into account the following principles:

1. The goal of the Charity’s remuneration policy is to offer fair pay to attract and keep appropriately qualified staff to lead, manage, support and deliver the Charity’s aims.
2. Trustees are ultimately responsible for setting remuneration levels for the Charity’s most senior staff, which in the case of the Charity currently applies only to the Charity Chief Executive.
3. To set appropriate pay and rewards requires making informed judgments and following the Charity’s governance and constitutional arrangements.
4. In deciding top levels of pay and rewards, Trustees will consider the purposes, aims and values of the Charity, and its beneficiaries’ needs.
5. Trustees will consider how increasing pay, particularly at senior levels, would be perceived by employees, donors and beneficiaries.
6. Trustees will make an assessment of the Charity’s and senior staff’s performance against expectations, both short and long term.
7. Trustees will seek information on pay policies and practices in other organisations that could help guide a decision on whether a level of pay is fair.
8. The Charity is transparent about senior levels of pay and follows SORP guidance in listing in the annual report the number of staff earning £60,000 and above and publishing the salary of the Charity Chief Executive. See our most recent annual report for more details.

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