Hear from our Everyday Heroes

Here's just a handful of the fantastic fundraisers we call our Everyday Heroes talking about why they chose to support QEHB Charity. Could you be an Everyday Hero?

"I loved fundraising for QEHB Charity as it was so fulfilling.

"I originally set out to do it because I felt I had to give back to say thank you in some way for my new heart... but it ended up being so much more than that. The feeling I had standing there seeing the huge number of people who turned up to support me was incredible and I can't wait to do it again.
"The best day for me was the day we got the official total. Who knew waxing hairy men would get us £6,000?!

"I would say to anyone thinking of fundraising for QEHB Charity to go for it, who knows how much you will raise and, in fact, it doesn't matter, everyone at QEHB Charity is so grateful for any help they receive, and you get to have loads of fun!

"I feel so proud and if I'm having a bad health day, I just have to look up at my big presentation cheque given to me by the Charity, which is proudly displayed on my kitchen wall, and it makes my day better." - Sarah Codling, transplant patient and proud mum

"I chose to fundraise for QEHB Charity as the QE provided unconditional support and care for my terminally ill husband Steve, and I really wanted to give something back and help more cancer patients in a similar situation to my husband. I have had nothing but fantastic experiences with the fundraising team at QEHB Charity; they are always on hand with friendly and helpful advice and support. I would definitely encourage anyone and everyone to fundraise for QEHB Charity!” - Hannah Legge, YPU fundraiser and loving widow

"As soon as I'd come out of CCU and begun the road to recovery after a life-saving double lung transplant, I knew I wanted to find a way to give back to the hospital for their superb care back in 2014 and, crucially, their regular follow-up care now.

"The enthusiasm and support for my fundraising from both QEHB Charity and the transplant team gave me a great boost to pull out all the stops. It was great to actually know precisely how the money would be spent by the transplant team and refreshing to have a say in how funds would be used - for exercise equipment and team training for lung transplant care. The transplant team, QEHB Charity and I worked so well together to ensure the money was directed to the right place and people. It's given me a great feeling knowing it'll help staff to look after those who are most in need of care; that feeling is lasting." - Dom Kavanagh, cystic fibrosis & transplant patient and dedicated fundraiser

"I chose to support QEHB Charity after being so impressed by what it has already achieved, such as Fisher House, a ‘home away from home' for injured service personnel and their families. I just wanted to get involved somehow.

"I had always wanted to do a parachute jump, so I was thrilled when the opportunity arose with QEHB Charity. I particularly wanted to help fundraise for QEHB Charity’s cancer appeal, after I found out my mum had cancer.

"In another turn of events, I have also recently benefitted from QEHB Charity’s past fundraising, as I was treated on CyberKnife for a brain tumour - what an absolutely brilliant piece of equipment, and one that the hospital is very fortunate to have. On a personal note, do a parachute jump - what a RUSH!!" - Yvonne Jones, Security Officer at QEHB.

"We like to fundraise for QEHB Charity because we know all the money raised goes to help benefit the patients at the hospital where we work. We also get a lot out of it - those 'feel good' moments, knowing you have helped people and you've done something good for others. Having family treated here at the hospital also helps to spur us on. Knowing that we are giving something back to the great work that goes on here is a fantastic feeling.

"The Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham will always be needed – people will always get ill and people will always need support. I would encourage everyone to raise money for QEHB Charity, and to support a hospital that is always there and ready to help them.” - Joanne Bubb and Michelle Showell, QEHB staff and Everyday Heroes.

"I am part of a small, voluntary team that raises funds through a fundraising ball each year. I became involved because my friend, who had been treated for brain tumours at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham, was treated on cutting-edge equipment bought by QEHB Charity in 2012. Knowing how important the TomoTherapy machine was to her prognosis, when she was well enough we both decided we wanted to join in with fundraising and raise as much money as we could to specifically further brain tumour research and care.

"Fundraising for The Giles’ Trust is great. We are able to ask QEHB Charity for help and support when we need it and we get to find out exactly where the money we raise is being spent. For example, thanks to generous donations from our 2015 ball, the Charity now employs a Giles’ Trust Clinical Research Nurse which has enabled Professor Cruickshank to double the number of patients taking part in research trials.

"Knowing that the funds we raise are having a direct and positive impact on patients is incredibly rewarding and I would whole-heartedly encourage anyone to get involved with fundraising for QEHB Charity." - Nicole Little, The Giles' Trust volunteer and Everyday Hero.

"When my husband and I got married earlier this year, we encouraged all of our guests to donate to QEHB Charity’s Liver Foundation UK instead of buying us presents – I was still on the waiting list for my liver transplant at the time but the hospital had already done so much for me by this point, I really wanted to give something back. In total our guests gave a massive £3,490 to QEHB Charity!

"Andrew and I are still actively raising money now for QEHB Charity and we will continue to do so for as long as we can. The QEHB Charity team are friendly, encouraging and helpful, regularly on hand to help with our fundraising queries and even able to help get our story out there in the local media. I would definitely recommend fundraising for them to anybody!

"Please support QEHB Charity. I know that, along with the amazing staff at the hospital, the Charity helped to save my life and the lives of so many other people who have received liver transplants who I now feel privileged to call my friends." - Keith Murphy, transplant patient and loving husband.

“The passion, innovation and friendliness of the staff at QEHB was the reason I decided to fundraise for QEHB Charity. My Mum took part in a clinical research trial conducted by the Cancer Immunology and Immunotherapy Centre (CIIC) at the hospital. The treatment she received on this trial greatly enhanced her quality of life throughout the last year of her terminal illness. The care and passion of the staff on the visits to the hospital was very uplifting.

“Through the clinical trial we gained first-hand experience of the groundbreaking research that CIIC is carrying out into alternative cancer treatments and the passion they have for finding new cures. The care that my mum received at QEHB throughout her trial was outstanding. My Mum was intent on fundraising for QEHB Charity to ensure others would benefit from new treatments in the future; I am so happy we were able to do this for her.” – Katie Parnell, abseiling extraordinaire and devoted daughter.

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