Support our NHS Superheroes

Thank you to everyone who has reached out to support our amazing nurses, doctors and everyone across our hospitals.
Across Queen Elizabeth, Heartlands, Good Hope and Solihull Hospitals, our 20,000 members of staff are working tirelessly to care for our patients.
They are all going over and above to care for the most vulnerable people within society, and we will give them all of the support that we can through these coming weeks and months.
We need your help to do this.
We need food, drink, toiletries and other supplies but please don't go to your local supermarket and buy up things that will mean others will have to go without, especially the elderly and vulnerable.
We are working closely with our suppliers to get bulk orders delivered to the hospitals so will be able to get these items, but you can help us by donating the cost of some of these essential supplies.
Now that HM Government has asked people to stay at home, you can do your bit to help our NHS superheroes by donating some food, drink or other supplies below.
If you are able to support us with bulk supplies, please email us by clicking here
Your support is so vital at this time; together we can help to support our incredible NHS in its most challenging hour.
We cannot express how grateful we are for your support.
£2 will fund some biscuits, sweets or crisps for a ward at one of our hospitals to help keep the staff going at such a difficult time.
£3 will fund fund a deodorant, hand cream, shampoo or conditioner for a member of staff at our hospitals so they can have a warm shower before they go home from work.
£5 will enable us to purchase some tea and coffee to make sure the staff who are working extremely hard at the moment can get a drink to help them whilst they work.
£30 will fund an Ultimate Bundle. If you're able to be really generous and want to thank staff at our hospitals for all of the hard work they're doing, you can purchase the ultimate bundle for them and we will send a package to a ward at our hospitals which includes everything you need to make tea and coffee, snacks and treats, and toiletries so staff can have a warm shower before going home. 
You can also support our patients who are in hospital.
Whilst everyday life is changing, our patients cannot receive visits from their loved ones, so the hospital charity is trying to fund tablets such as iPads or Galaxys to allow patients to see and speak to their family through a video call.
£199 will purchase a Galaxy Tab, £349 will purchase an iPad.
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Sweet treats
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Tea and coffee
Tea and coffee
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Ultimate bundle
Ultimate bundle
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Galaxy Tab
Galaxy Tab
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