What is CIIC?

Cancer kills over 14 million people worldwide each year. Now, pioneering new research at the Cancer Immunology and Immunotherapy Centre (CIIC) suggests it is our immune system which could help us to find a cure. 

Immumotherapy has the potential to be:

• Powerful – results show that immunotherapies can eradicate some cancers when other therapies fail

• Specific – the immune system can potentially be trained to recognise and target only cancerous cells, leaving healthy cells undamaged

• Universal – it can, in principle, be applied to nearly all cancers

Here in Birmingham, the CIIC is carrying out world-class research focussing on harnessing of the incredible power of the immune system.

UHB Charity funds the Cancer Immunology and Immunotherapy Centre (CIIC), which is directed by Ben Willcox, Professor of Molecular Immunology at the School of Cancer Sciences.

He explained: “Some of the strategies we are focusing on include ‘engineering’ immune cells to attack cancer cells better, and ‘arming’ antibodies to make them generate stronger immune responses against the tumour.

“To develop these new and exciting approaches, we need your help to fund critical research. Any money you can give will make a huge difference to the CIIC grouping.”

The immune system can defeat cancer – help us to harness it and donate today. 

Watch the video below to find out more about how the immune system can be used to fight cancer:


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