The Birmingham Adult Transplant Sport Team is made up of recipients of solid organ, stem cell or bone marrow transplants. Members range in age from 18 to over 80, all of whom have used sport to help their recovery after their transplants. Some of the members have even donated organs themselves.

After transplant, everyone has different aspirations. For many in the team, years of illness had severely restricted their lifestyle. Getting back to being active is not only an essential part of the recovery process, it is also a way of the transplant recipient demonstrating to themselves how far they have come.

Committee member, Kristian Marsh, said: "That feeling of achievement you get when you manage that first walk round the garden, the first walk to the shops, the first flight of stairs you make without stopping, your first half mile then mile. The first hill you climb. All of these are important milestones that give you that sense of achievement.

"Our team is here to help you with that process, and is a fantastic way of meeting new friends to share stories and gain support along the way. Sport has the power to bring us all closer together."

Each year, the team participated in the British Transplant Games. For many, being at the games is a victory in itself. There are a whole range of events to participate in, with different levels of intensity of activity. Whilst participants are encouraged to compete with one another, the games are a perfect opportunity to enjoy being with friends, have fun and enjoy life. 

The Birmingham Adult Transplant Sport Team has had a lot of success over the years, with some members even going on to represent Great Britain & Northern Ireland in the World and European Transplant Games. If you're a transplant recipient and would like to get involved in Transplant Sport then click here to find out how.

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