Mobile Dental Unit

The hospital charity is currently appealing for a major £115,000 project, the Mobile Dental Unit. It’s no secret that the dentist can often be a scary place; mostly due to the unnerving experiences we have had as children. This appeal will see a change in the way that children view the dentist, making it less daunting and significantly improving their oral hygiene.

The Solihull Hospital community dental team currently visit schools around the Solihull borough to ensure that children with the highest levels of tooth decay and the lowest attendance rates with local dentists still receive the best dental care possible. Solihull Hospital Charity is raising money to fund a
brand new unit for the team. This service will offer dental advice, examinations and treatments to children at primary schools in the most deprived areas of the Solihull borough. The new unit will have the best dental equipment, and has been designed to suit the needs of children with learning difficulties as well as being wheelchair-friendly. Children with more complex needs such as children on the autistic spectrum (ASD) face the same challenges that other children do when it comes to oral health. However, the challenges can be largely magnified due to sensory processing difficulties. Such children are highly anxious and exhibit behavioural reactions when exposed to a clinical dental environment such as the bright fluorescent lights, touching in or around the mouth and the taste and smell of various utensils can all be very scary for someone with ASD.

The new unit will have sensory items that will calm the young patients, making them feel as comfortable as possible, helping to make the unit feel less clinical. Examples of the sensory items that we hope to provide include:

  • A projector/TV screen in the unit to act as a visual distraction for when children are waiting to be examined.
  • Video goggles to protect the eyes and distract the patients during a dental examination.
  • A local anaesthetic wand which is a computer controlled dental injection. The flow rate of the local anaesthetic is controlled by a computer meaning that it is guaranteed to be slow and steady therefore reducing pain and fear for all our young patients.

For many children in Solihull, access to dental surgeries can often be difficult. For children with complex needs, access to treatment can be even harder. With the aid of the unit, this will no longer be an issue. The unit will be readily available for children and will aim to educate them at an early age on how to prevent loss of teeth and extensive tooth decay. The unit will be on school sites, minimising time spent out of school.

With the help of your donations, the Solihull Hospital community dentists will have access to a modernised mobile dental unit that suits the needs of their younger patients. It will enable children, especially those with complex needs, to be treated as comfortably and as smoothly as possible. This will help to improve the oral health of children across the area, and reduce their anxieties around dental health for the rest of their lives.

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