Heart in a Box

QEHB Charity has launched a brand new appeal to bring a cutting-edge piece of equipment to the heart department at QEHB.

‘Heart in a Box’ is a revolutionary piece of medical equipment that allows a donor heart to stay alive and beating outside of the human body. This ground-breaking technology allows surgeons to pump blood through the heart, keeping it beating outside of the body, preventing it from deteriorating.

Rather than being stored in ice, the heart is kept warm by the machine. It can be kept for longer periods of time in a better condition, which is important for patients undergoing complex transplants and for hearts that are coming from long distances.

Heart in a Box has the capability to potentially increase the number of heart transplants carried out at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham by 50%. 

QEHB Charity needs your help to raise £265,000 to bring Heart in a Box to QEHB. 

What is Heart in a Box?

The Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham is one of the largest hospitals in the UK, providing medical and surgical care for patients with heart disease.  The hospital is the largest solid organ...

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Case Study

  Sarah Codling, a 30-year-old mum of one from Woodgate Valley, underwent emergency heart surgery at QEHB in January 2015 after suffering a congenital heart defect, since birth. She...

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