Heart Transplants at QEHB

Thanks to the amazing support of hundreds of fundraisers, UHB Charity, with the support of Heart Research UK, raised £265,000 to bring the incredible Heart in a Box machine to the hospital.

Heart in a Box keeps a donated heart beating, outside of the body, which helps to keep the heart in a better condition for longer, increasing the length of time that surgeons have to perform the transplant. Doctors estimate that this can help to increase the number of heart transplants taking place at the hospital by up to 50%.

UHB Charity continues to support the incredible work of the transplantation team at QEHB, and with your help will support further research into heart transplants, as well as providing state of the art equipment, over and above that which the NHS is able to fund. 

What is Heart in a Box?

The Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham is one of the largest hospitals in the UK, providing medical and surgical care for patients with heart disease.  The hospital is the largest solid organ...

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Case Study

  Sarah Codling, a 30-year-old mum of one from Woodgate Valley, underwent emergency heart surgery at QEHB in January 2015 after suffering a congenital heart defect, since birth. She...

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