QEHB Fighting Skin Cancer

Malignant melanoma, a type of skin cancer, is the fifth most common cancer in the UK. UHB Charity has launched the QEHB Fighting Skin Cancer Appeal to help patients with skin cancer and raise awareness of the disease.

Dr Neil Steven, Oncology Consultant at QEHB, said: “Most people with melanoma are cured by surgery. Until recently, people with melanoma that has spread beyond the reach of surgery have not had effective treatments, despite 30 years of research.

“However, there are now some treatments that can really improve the outlook for people with advanced melanoma. Furthermore, newer drugs are being tested. This has come about as a result of dedicated research across the world. The money we raise through our appeal will really help these efforts.”

Meet the team

QEHB boasts a team of specialists to treat all kinds of skin cancer. This team includes skin specialists (dermatologists), plastic surgeons and oncologists who use radiotherapy and drugs....

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UHB Charity is proud to support a variety of research projects that are being undertaken at the hospital to increase understanding of skin cancers, and developing new and effective ways to...

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Find out more about skin cancer

Skin cancer affects many people. Sunburn and too much sun can increase the risk of skin cancer; however, people can get skin cancer without spending too much time in the sun. The most...

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