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Back in 2018 UHB Charity brought you the news of the £950,000 Children’s appeal launching across Solihull Hospital, Heartlands Hospital and Good Hope Hospital sites. The aim of the appeal was to transform the children's areas across the three hospitals so that visiting children feel as comfortable as possible, minimising stress for their parents and the staff who treat them.

Thanks to the many generous donations received, Good Hope Hospital was able to complete the refurbishment at the Children’s Outpatients Department. The department has now completely transformed into a more child-friendly, calm, colourful and enjoyable area.

Melanie Stanyer, Paediatric Clinic Clerk at Good Hope Hospital’s Children’s Outpatients Department, said: “The new department is so incredible and beautiful. Even the design and the wall art is making a huge difference to the patients who are treated here, the brightness really does make them feel less weary and anxious about being in hospital. Children are now able to play with a range of toys including iPads, a floor projector and books that help keep them occupied whilst waiting for their appointments, and the staff love the new department, it’s such a nice environment to work in.”

BeforeThe new unit at Good Hope really makes a huge difference to a child's experience in hospital.

With the exciting news about Good Hope Hospital, Heartlands Hospital and Solihull Hospital is keener than ever to get their units looking as fun and vibrant as Good Hope’s, but we cannot do this alone.
With your donations, we will be able to transform the departments with children aged 0-18 in mind. From a chill-out area complete with TV and games consoles for the older children to a soft play area for toddlers we want to make every patient feel relaxed.

Part of the appeal will also include the repurposing of the baby feeding room at Solihull Hospital. This area will be used as a multi-sensory room for children who have complex needs; the room will include equipment and facilities such as bubble machines, soft play areas, projectors, mirrors and sensory toys making the area much more accessible and stress free. For some, hospital may never be an enjoyable place, but with the aid of this beautiful new department along with specialist toys, activities and games it will make it that little bit better.

Helen Rooney, Paediatric Nurse at Solihull Hospital’s Children’s Outpatients Department, said: “This appeal means so much to the team on the unit. Ultimately we want the very best for each and every child that is treated here; some children have lifelong conditions such as cystic fibrosis or diabetes which means we have to see them regularly for check-ups. We would love a fun and playful area that is tailored for our patient’s needs in mind. Currently the unit is quite outdated and it can be very boring for our patients to stay here for hours on end.”

None of this will be possible without your support; there are lots of ways that you can raise money to support the Children's appeal. Join one of the fantastic events coming up this year or set up your own fundraising event at work or in the community.

Please help support Solihull Hospital and Heartlands Hospital's Children’s Outpatients Departments today by donating at the top of this page.

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