Ward 19 Heartlands Hospital


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Ward 19 is the specialist cancer unit at Heartlands Hospital which treats patients with a wide range of cancers including breast, leukaemia, lung and prostate cancer.

The Ward 19 charity fund enables the team to purchase equipment that is over and above what the NHS funds.

It also provides other support services that benefit the patients, their families and their carers. It quite simply enhances care and makes a stay on Ward 19 more comfortable.

Money raised so far has enabled chemotherapy to be delivered at home by two nurses and a new service providing chemotherapy at a local GP practice.

Our next goal is to provide an outpatient bone marrow transplant service.

To date the fund has provided:

A new blood analyser
Heat pads to help patients veins stand out (for cannulas)
New trolleys in day unit so the nurses spend more time with the patient
All new electric recliners for patients receiving treatment in the day unit
New chairs for visitors
A new couch for stem cell patients
A new booklet designed to be given to all Bone Marrow Transplant patients
Sponsorship to provide annual health and wellbeing events
Social / fundraising events
Chemotherapy at home nurses

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