Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Be part of QEHB Charity's Breast Cancer Awareness campaign taking place this October to support our Breast Cancer appeal.

In 2018 QEHB Charity brought in two new pieces of equipment, costing a total of £400,000. The equipment has allowed QEHB to offer a new technique called Deep Inspiration Breath Hold (DIBH) to patients undergoing radiotherapy for left-sided breast cancer. DIBH takes advantage of a patient holding their breath during treatment – this moves the breast away from the heart, minimising the dose to surrounding areas and protecting the heart.
This system has subsequently revolutionised treatment for people suffering from left-sided breast cancer and is a striking example of how, with your help, QEHB Charity can ensure the best long-term care for its patients.

This year the Charity aims to promote Breast Cancer Awareness and provide ‘added extras’ that can make a huge difference to Breast Cancer patients.

How is QEHB Charity promoting Breast Cancer Awareness month?

Say yes!

This October we are urging ladies to say ‘yes’ to free breast screening. Screening saves approximately one life for every 200 women who are screened, totalling in 1,300 lives a year throughout the UK. Breast screening uses an X-ray test called a mammogram which checks the breasts for signs of cancer. The process is a relatively quick procedure taking less a few minutes. The Southbank Birmingham Breast Screening Service invites over 15,000 women annually to get checked and this October QEHB are urging women to get in contact about breast screening services. Ring 0121 3358050 or visit for more information

Bra first

QEHB Charity’s aim is to continue supporting women who have had surgery for breast cancer by providing them with special bras. The Ameona bra is part of a beautifully feminine collection that aids recovery care and helps to speed up post-surgery healing along with helping towards a woman’s psychological recovery.


To donate to our Breast Cancer Appeal please click here.

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