The Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham’s Liver Unit provides world-class care for its patients. The Liver Foundation, QEHB Charity’s special fund for the Liver Unit, provides cutting-edge medical equipment that benefits patients, but is over and above what is provided by the NHS.

What we have funded


We have funded several Fibroscan machines, and are currently raising funds to purchase a new one. At £80,000, this piece of technology provides a painless, non-invasive analysis of the liver in as little as ten minutes. Fibroscan avoids the previous need for an intrusive biopsy which required an overnight hospital stay.

This innovative equipment can also detect liver damage or disease and, if problems are identified early, treatments can be tailored to the patient and serious liver damage and disease can be avoided.

With your help, Liver Foundation UK will be able to provide a brand new Fibroscan machine for the Liver Outpatients Department.



The Charity has funded an ultrasound machine to be used on patients with a variety of liver-related illnesses. This saves them having to take a long journey from the seventh floor to the ground floor Imaging Department whilst recovering from traumatic procedures such as liver transplants.


What we are funding

NMLP Machine

This is a machine that stabilises organs for a twenty-four hour period following removal from the donor’s body. It uses the donor’s own oxygenated blood in order to reduce the risk of the organ deteriorating.

Due to being able to stabilise a retrieved organ for up to twenty-four hours, this allows more time for staff to coordinate the surgery and for the patient and their family to prepare mentally for the major procedure.

We are currently attempting to raise £250,000 in order to fund a two-year-long trial for sixty transplants.


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