Case study

2005 was a year that would permanently change Keith Murphy’s life; he was diagnosed with hepatitis.

After being transferred to have his treatment at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham, Keith, from Runcorn, was managing so well that his appointments dropped from every three months to every six.

However, in June 2015 a lesion was spotted on Keith’s liver during a routine ultrasound. This was investigated further through an MRI scan in July; this led to the confirmation that Keith had liver cancer.

Keith’s best option to help ensure a full recovery is to have a liver transplant, for which he is currently waiting. He is using his positivity and sparkling sense of humour to see him through this period with the support of family, friends, and partner Andrew.

After living with his partner Andrew for nearly 20 years, the couple decided to marry, and wed on Saturday 21 November, at a wonderful ceremony which included a Gary Barlow tribute act and matching pairs of red patent leather shoes!

Despite their hectic wedding plans, Keith and Andrew have also been busy fundraising for QEHB Charity’s Liver Foundation UK, and have raised an incredible grand total £3,918 for the Liver Foundation.

Michael Tivey, Fundraising Officer at QEHB Charity, said: “We are so pleased to have heard all about the wonderful wedding day that Keith and Andrew experienced.

"Their selfless fundraising – where they asked for donations in lieu of wedding presents – has been immensely humbling. For a couple to look to the needs of others while going through severe health issues of their own is amazing, and on behalf of the  Liver Foundation I want to wish Keith and Andrew the very best for the future.”

Further to Keith and Andrew’s wonderful wedding, just a fortnight later, on Thursday 3 December, Keith received his liver transplant. He has been discharged from hospital and is now doing well at home. QEHB Charity wishes Keith a speedy recovery.

To donate to support liver patients like Keith, please click the 'donate to this fund' button at the top of this page. 

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