Snowdrop Suite


The Snowdrop Bereavement Suite cares for those families who sadly lose their baby through miscarriage, stillbirth or neonatal death. The unit provides a peaceful and private environment for parents in their time of need.

The Snowdrop Suite offers the best care possible for women and their families. The experienced, highly-trained staff are always on hand to support the women and their partners through their time on the suite, and continue to provide care after they leave the hospital.

The Snowdrop Suite has been designed to provide as much privacy as possible for women and their partners, with individual ensuite rooms and quiet room for parents to be together and reflect.

Good Hope Hospital Charity works to provide ‘added extras’ for the Snowdrop Suite, complementing the amazing quality of care given by the staff on the suite. The Charity has been able to fund a CuddleCot for the suite. CuddleCots keep the baby cool, which extends the period of time that parents have to spend with their baby.

The Charity will continue to provide ‘added extras’ for the unit, from cutting-edge pieces of technology, to patient comforts and support, donations from supporters will allow the Charity to go ‘over and above’ for parents on the Snowdrop Suite.

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